Beyond the Free Trial: Strategies to Keep Customers Engaged After Onboarding

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In today's digital landscape, eCommerce websites leveraging subscription-based models have transformed consumer behaviour worldwide. From fashion subscriptions to gourmet food deliveries, subscriptions offer convenience and continuity, reshaping how businesses interact with customers. They provide a predictable revenue stream for businesses, increase customer lifetime value, and offer customers convenience, personalisation, and often exclusive access to products or services. Subscriptions also foster brand loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases and reducing the cost of customer acquisition over time.

With the subscription economy projected to reach nearly £1 trillion by 2028, effective retention strategies are crucial for nurturing long-term customer relationships in the eCommerce sector.


Customer churn, the rate at which subscribers cancel their subscriptions, presents a significant challenge for ecommerce businesses. Studies reveal that 68% of customers leave because they perceive a lack of value, underscoring the importance of robust retention strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn rates.


To effectively combat churn and foster lasting subscriber loyalty, eCommerce businesses must prioritise customer satisfaction and engagement throughout the subscription lifecycle:


Delivering consistent value is paramount to retaining ecommerce subscribers. Businesses should strive not only to meet but exceed customer expectations with their products or services. Key strategies include:

Product Quality: Ensuring products meet high standards of quality and reliability.

Continuous Enhancement: Regularly updating offerings based on customer feedback and market trends.

Exclusive Content: Providing access to exclusive content or early releases to enhance subscriber experience.

By consistently demonstrating value, eCommerce businesses can strengthen customer loyalty and reduce the likelihood of churn.


A seamless onboarding process is crucial for eCommerce subscribers to understand and maximise the value of their subscriptions. Effective strategies include:

Clear Setup Guides: Providing step-by-step instructions for setting up and using products.

Personalised Onboarding: Sending welcome emails tailored to the subscriber's interests.

Educational Resources: Offering tutorials and FAQs to aid product usage and troubleshooting.

A well-executed onboarding experience boosts subscriber confidence and engagement, reducing early churn rates.

Companies with strong onboarding programs see a 50% increase in customer retention (Chargebee).


Personalising the eCommerce subscriber experience enhances retention rates by establishing a meaningful connection between the business and its customers. Effective strategies include:

Behavioural Targeting: Using subscriber data to personalise product recommendations.
Exclusive Offers: Providing tailored discounts and promotions based on purchase history.
Loyalty Programs: Offering rewards for continued subscription and engagement.

Personalisation reinforces value perception, encouraging subscribers to remain loyal over time.

72% of customers engage only with personalised messaging (Salesforce).


Accessible and responsive customer support is vital for addressing ecommerce subscriber concerns promptly. Businesses should offer multiple support channels:

Live Chat: Providing real-time assistance for quick problem resolution.

Email Support: Offering dedicated support email for inquiries and feedback.

Phone Support: Providing toll-free numbers for direct customer service interaction.

Proactive support demonstrates commitment to subscriber satisfaction and loyalty.

Positive service experiences increase likelihood of customer recommendations by 67% (Microsoft).


Actively seeking and acting on subscriber feedback is essential for enhancing the ecommerce subscriber experience. Strategies include:

Surveys and Polls: Gathering insights into subscriber satisfaction and preferences.

Review Monitoring: Addressing customer feedback on online platforms promptly.

Feature Updates: Prioritising development based on subscriber input to meet evolving needs.

Iterating based on subscriber feedback enhances responsiveness and long-term satisfaction.


At 8th Dial, we specialise in optimising eCommerce websites for sustained growth and enhanced customer retention. Our tailored strategies and comprehensive services address the unique challenges of the eCommerce subscription economy, empowering businesses to achieve measurable results and maximise subscriber lifetime value.


8th Dial partnered with Deschutes Brewery to enhance their eCommerce subscription services for Pub Club and Cellar Door Society. For Pub Club, a brand-new subscription offering, we crafted a bespoke landing page that highlighted exclusivity and uniqueness, compelling visitors to explore and subscribe. Simultaneously, we revitalised the existing landing page for Cellar Door Society with visually stunning design elements, including parallaxes and animated text, creating an engaging user experience.

Our team seamlessly integrated subscription services for both offerings, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user journey. Strategic placement of "Join the Waitlist" widgets fostered community engagement and anticipation among users, driving higher conversion rates and retention.

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Mastering subscription retention requires proactive strategies that cater to eCommerce customer needs and expectations. With the right approach, eCommerce businesses can foster loyalty, reduce churn, and achieve sustainable growth in the dynamic subscription economy.

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