Crafting Dynamic Pages for Deschutes Brewery's Subscriptions

Scope: Web Design & Subscription Services

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Deschutes Brewery, a prominent craft brewery in the northwest United States, approached our web design and digital marketing agency to enhance their online presence. 

The project focused on the creation of two distinct landing pages for their subscription services – Pub Club (a new offering) and the Cellar Door Society (an existing subscription service that needed improvements). We embraced the challenge, working closely with Deschutes Brewery to elevate their brand and engage their audience in a more dynamic and interactive manner.


Introduction of a new subscription service, Pub Club, requiring a brand-new landing page

Existing landing page for Cellar Door Society in need of a redesign to elevate the user experience with a more engaging and effective interface

Incorporation of dynamic and visually captivating design elements to enhance and modernise the brand's online presence

Integration of subscription services and waitlist functionalities seamlessly

What We Did

Deschutes Brewery provided initial designs for both Pub Club and Cellar Door Society. For Pub Club, being a brand-new subscription, we crafted a bespoke landing page that highlighted the exclusivity and uniqueness of this offering. 

Simultaneously, the existing landing page for the Cellar Door Society underwent a makeover, incorporating visually stunning design elements, including parallaxes and animated text. 

Our team seamlessly integrated subscription services for both offerings, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience. Additionally, strategically placed "Join the Waitlist" widgets fostered a sense of community engagement and anticipation among users.

To delve deeper into our approach and learn more about the strategies behind crafting effective landing pages, check out our detailed blog post on The Importance of Landing Pages in Marketing.


Our work with Deschutes Brewery led to tangible improvements, with the new landing pages for Pub Club and the updated Cellar Door Society boosting user engagement and simplifying the subscription process. 

The visually appealing design elements and the addition of "Join the Waitlist" widgets not only generated excitement but also set the stage for a significant increase in repeat business and customer loyalty.

Supported by insights from OnlineDasher, indicating that click-and-collect shoppers visit stores 2.5 times more frequently than non-click-and-collect shoppers, our digital solutions not only attracted new subscribers but also positioned Deschutes Brewery to build a dedicated customer base, ensuring ongoing success in the competitive craft brewing industry.

Client Testimonial

"I cold called 8th Dial when this project opportunity first arose, and through great communication and determination - we did it! Thank you so much for your support. You showed up in a big way. It was a treat to work with such a strong team"




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