How Paid Advertising Transformed Rathfinny Wine Estate

Scope: Paid Advertising

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Our client, Rathfinny Wine Estate, situated in the heart of Sussex, offers accommodations, tours, and delightful meals in addition to their renowned wines. 

They reached out to us to enhance their online presence and increase revenue. Our task was to enhance their visibility and improve conversion rates through Paid Advertising.


Balancing budgets for Paid Search (Google) and Paid Social (IG & FB) ads effectively

Crafting compelling and tailored ad content for accommodations, tours, and dining

Adapting to the dynamic digital marketing landscape

Ensuring optimal resource allocation within budget constraints

What We Did

To address these challenges, we adopted a strategic and adaptive approach. We meticulously managed budget allocation, constantly optimising both Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns to maximise ROI. Crafting compelling, tailored ad content showcased the vineyard's unique charm and its appeal to diverse audience segments. 

We remained agile in the face of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, staying updated on trends, algorithms, and audience behaviours. 

Our data-driven decision-making ensured that we achieved a significant boost in online visibility, higher conversion rates, and increased brand engagement for Rathfinny, ultimately resulting in substantial growth in their online presence and revenue.


Our campaign produced outstanding results, with new users from Paid Social surging by 100.96% and conversions increasing by 82.35%. 

Paid Search also excelled, with a remarkable 203% increase in new users and a 66.67% rise in conversions. 

These figures, which encompass bookings, e-commerce purchases, and estate inquiries, showcased a substantial boost in online presence and, most importantly, revenue for Rathfinny.

In summary, our comprehensive approach, featuring both Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns, brought great satisfaction to our client as their online presence and revenue significantly surpassed their initial goals.




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