How Mummy Meegz achieved an 11.5% conversion rate with their new e-commerce launch. 

Client: Mummy Meegz

Scope: Web Design / Development

Mind-blowingly good vegan chocolate.

Mummy Meegz is on a mission to create mind-blowing swaps, taking the chocolate you love and making it vegan. 

After gaining investment from Veg Capital, Mummy Meegz has used this opportunity to re-brand and improve its supply chain. Part of this journey was to take their new branding and mission and make it come alive online. They enlisted the help of 8th Dial, a Shopify Partner, to design and build the website ready for the launch of their Chuckie Egg relaunch. With just 2 months from initial brief to launch date it was a tight turnaround. 

What We Did

The 8th Dial team worked closely with Mummy Meegz team to design and build a Shopify website that told the brand story but also focused on a single product at launch. The future plan is to launch other vegan chocolate swaps in the near future, so the website had to be able to grow with the brand. 

Pivot To Pre-Order 

On launch day, Mummy Meegz had unprecedented interest in the relaunch of the Chuckie Egg, selling out within 5 minutes of launching.  

8th Dial quickly worked with the Mummy Meegz team to pivot the website to a pre-order website ensuring customers are still able to transact and communication is clear. Since its launch, the conversion rate has been a consistent 11.5%, with no signs of dropping despite orders not being fulfilled for 2 months on a pre-order basis. 




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