From Terrariums to Triumph - Elevating Online Sales for London Terrariums

Scope: Full website re-design and build

Shopify upgrades made simple.

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London Terrariums, a thriving independent retail business renowned for its unique terrarium creations, faced an intriguing challenge. While their in-store sales were flourishing, their online sales were trailing behind. Recognising the untapped potential in the digital realm, London Terrariums reached out to 8th Dial on a mission to refine their online sales strategy.


  • Limited Online Visibility: London Terrariums boasted a functional website, but its visibility and user-friendly features were insufficient to captivate and retain online customers effectively.

  • Competitive Landscape: The e-commerce landscape in the terrarium industry was fiercely competitive, posing challenges in setting themselves apart and garnering attention from online shoppers.

  • Inconsistent Branding: Their online brand presence did not align with the success of their in-store image, resulting in customer confusion due to a disjointed experience.

What We Did:

Complete website re-design and rebuild: London Terrariums initiated a website overhaul on Shopify, focusing on responsive design and visual appeal.

Their website underwent optimisation for desktop and mobile devices, catering to a broader plant and interior loving audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): 8th Dial used SEO for the technical/structural elements of the site to help enhance their website's search engine rankings.

Valuable, high-quality content was integrated into the site to position London Terrariums as a trusted authority in their niche.

Enhanced User Experience: Streamlined navigation was introduced to reduce dropoff rates.

Prominent display of customer reviews and ratings contributed to building trust and to help further sales.


  • AOV up 2%
  • Total sales up 30%
  • Orders up 31% 
    (Within 1 month of going live)

Client testimonial:

"We worked with 8th Dial to build our new website and it was a JOY from the start. The team immediately understood what was important to us in a website, showcasing the workshop side of the business and also re-igniting the garden accessory sales online which were pretty invisible before! Within the first few weeks of the new site being live, the online shopping experience for us has changed dramatically, with customers shopping categories and across brands in ways that just wasn’t possible for us before, thank you so much for creating such a strong online presence for us at London Terrariums, I am so excited to watch our business grow!"

This case study illuminates how London Terrariums, initially facing a disparity between in-store success and underperforming online sales, conquered their online sales challenge. By working with 8th dial to revamp and rebuild their site, London Terrariums achieved remarkable growth in online sales in just a month of the new site launch. 




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