Building Brand Loyalty for Lisa Eldridge with Paid Media and SEO


Scope: Paid Advertising & SEO

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Our client, a globally recognised luxury makeup and skincare brand, aimed to extend its online presence. With an exclusive product range, their goal was not only to communicate a sense of luxury to a broader online audience but also to position their exquisite makeup as a must-have for beauty enthusiasts.


Brand Image Maintenance - Ensuring that the brand's online presence matched its luxury image.

Competitive Keywords - Ranking well for highly competitive beauty industry keywords.

Cost-Effective Advertising - Balancing luxury ad spend with ROI.

Content Quality - Crafting high-quality content for both the brand and SEO.

What We Did

In response to these challenges, we devised a comprehensive strategy. To ensure the brand's luxury image was maintained online, we meticulously designed sophisticated ad creatives and curated on-site content and visuals that resonated with the brand's luxurious identity. 

Engaging storytelling and visually appealing content showcased the unique selling points and exclusivity of the products, creating a desire among consumers to make them an essential part of their beauty routine.

In addressing the issue of competitive keywords in the beauty industry, we conducted thorough keyword research to identify valuable niche terms. Striking a balance between luxury ad spend and ROI was a crucial consideration. To achieve this, we carefully crafted and managed targeted PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media. 

Addressing the challenge of content quality, we implemented a content strategy focused on creating engaging, SEO-friendly content that seamlessly aligned with the brand's luxury aesthetic.


Our tailored strategy for Lisa Eldridge produced impressive results across key performance indicators. The significant highlight was a substantial 43% increase in conversions, indicating a heightened level of engagement and interest from the online customer base. Equally noteworthy was the achievement of a 21% reduction in the cost per conversion, reflecting a successful balance between luxury ad spend and return on investment. 

The effectiveness of our targeted PPC campaigns was evident in the remarkable 33% boost in conversion rates from ads (CvR), showcasing the resonance of our ad creatives with the audience. Moreover, the click-through rate (CTR) experienced a notable increase of 53%, pointing to improved ad engagement and increased interest in the brand. 

In terms of user acquisition, there was a positive trend with a 9% rise in new users from Google, underscoring the success of our SEO and Google Ads initiatives. 

Collectively, these results not only reinforce the brand's luxurious image online but also highlight a strategic and impactful approach. This, coupled with captivating ads designed to resonate with makeup enthusiasts, has remarkably elevated overall online performance and significantly increased customer conversion rates.




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