Translating Beavertown Brewery’s iconic branding into a responsive Shopify Website to drive an 835% increase in online sales

Scope: Website Migration & Build

Shopify upgrades made simple.

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In 2019, having evaluated numerous marketing agencies, Beavertown Brewery employed 8th Dial to create an onbrand, eye-catching website with the aim of increasing their customer conversion rate and total sales. Following in-depth conversations, analysis and review, the team at 8th Dial began working on a bespoke strategy. They assessed Beavertown’s current place in the market alongside their overall business objectives. 

From here, a comprehensive plan was put into place to outline a clear brand trajectory which could be easily implemented.8th Dial’s strategy adopted a 360-degree approach. The team focussed on a new website build with continuous website support and further improvements to be made along the way. This included page creation, enhanced checkout for gifting - which saw multiple shipping addresses and gift note options available - a delivery notes section to edit, as well as improved technical specifications with regards to shipping rates and postcodes. 

What We Did

Beavertown Brewery was already known for providing a high level of customer service. 8th Dial’s aim was to increase traffic to the website by creating an enjoyable user experience and easy customer journey. The usability of the site was paramount to success.

8th Dial used Shopify as their hosting platform and this was selected to make the site maintenance much easier for numerous members of staff to use. As the website stood, certain pages were already hosted on Wordpress, but the storefront was hosted on Shopify. 

8th Dial immediately aligned the website by migrating the Wordpress pages over to Shopify. Creating clear branding and design was equally essential, as this fed into the overall usability of the website. A consistent look, feel and tone of voice was required, all the while ensuring that the design was in-keeping with the brand’s philosophy. 

The Design

Creative vision and personality were two of Beavertown’s core objectives. The team wanted to create a unique experience for their customers. In doing so, 8th Dial worked closely with the team to understand what it was they wanted from the website and how they could work to bring this vision to life.

"Creativity has always been at the heart of what we do, whether that’s our colourful cans, how we brew our beer or the crazy stories behind the names of our beers”, comments Nick Dwyer, Beavertown’s Creative Director.

8th Dial used animated gifs, unique illustrations and developed a creative hub space, similar to that of an open ideas board, where a sense of community and innovation was apparent. A blog space was also developed to meet one of the core pillars of Beavertown Brewery - transparent communication - from detailing the fundamentals of a beer festival to seasonal specific Beavertown-inspired computer backgrounds.


Over a one year period from 01 February 2020 - 01 February 2021, Beavertown Brewery saw their sales increase by 835% and their online store conversion rate increase by 82%. The conversion funnel implemented ensured that all customers were attended to as soon as they landed on the website. The more user-friendly layout and interactive design encouraged visitors to explore each page, while the sharpened checkout features made it easy to purchase products in a 3-step process.

Throughout the year, the average order value continued to fluctuate resulting in an increased total order of 873%. Conversely, the customer journey from purchasing to receiving goods remained excellent throughout, and this resulted in an increased returning customer rate of 24% and a 341% increase in online store sessions. 

Building on our initial success, 8th Dial continued to work closely with Beavertown Brewery for several years, consistently enhancing their CRM, Paid Media, and website management. Our ongoing commitment played a pivotal role in improving crucial elements, contributing to sustained growth in the competitive craft beer industry. Cheers to a successful partnership that left a lasting impact!

Client Testimonial

"I’m thrilled to recommend 8th Dial for any brewery looking to up their digital game. From the very beginning, they impressed us with their in-depth understanding of our brand and what we wanted to achieve.

The website they built for us is not just stunning, it’s incredibly user-friendly. Sales have skyrocketed since launch, with both conversion rates and average order value seeing massive growth. But what truly sets 8th Dial apart is their adaptability. As our needs evolved, they were there every step of the way, making seamless adjustments and offering expert guidance. Their professionalism and timely communication made the entire process smooth and stress-free."




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