How Our Digital Marketing Strategies Increased Revenue For Ally Capellino

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Our client, Ally Capellino, a renowned British designer situated in East London, excels in the art of creating modern classic bags and accessories tailored for both men and women. Offering a diverse product range encompassing rucksacks, backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, crossbody bags, and hobo bags, their commitment to distinctive design sets them apart. With a keen desire to broaden their online footprint and connect with a global audience, Ally Capellino sought our expertise by engaging in our comprehensive digital marketing services.


Enhance brand visibility and awareness to captivate a wider audience.

Strategically drive increased website traffic and elevate online sales performance.

Ensure the continual maintenance of a user-friendly and visually appealing website interface.

Leverage the power of email marketing and implement targeted paid advertising strategies to effectively reach and engage with a broader and more diverse audience.

What We Did

In response to the challenges presented, our digital marketing strategies were meticulously designed and executed. First, in addressing the need to enhance brand visibility and awareness, we launched a comprehensive email marketing campaign. This included the creation of engaging newsletters, regular product updates, and exclusive offers to not only engage and retain existing customers but also to attract and nurture new leads. 

In addition, to drive more website traffic and boost online sales, our team executed a well-crafted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign. These campaigns spanned across various digital platforms, such as Google Ads and social media, effectively showcasing the client's unique and modern classic bags and accessories. 

Simultaneously, we ensured that the client's website remained both user-friendly and visually appealing through regular maintenance and updates. This effort focused on creating a seamless shopping experience, which in turn contributed to higher conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. 


The impact of our digital marketing strategies was significant. The combination of engaging email campaigns and strategic PPC advertising led to a noticeable increase in brand visibility and awareness. This surge in awareness translated into a substantial uptick in website traffic both domestically and internationally. The subsequent increase in website visits resulted in a significant boost in online sales and revenue, underscoring the efficacy of our approach.

Regular website maintenance, emphasising user-friendliness and visual appeal, played a pivotal role in achieving higher conversion rates and greater customer satisfaction.

In quantifiable terms, the results speak for themselves: an impressive 11.86% higher click-through rate (CTR) and a substantial 6.75% increase in conversion rates (CvR). Furthermore, the average order value (AOV) witnessed an impressive 26% year-on-year increase.

In summary, our digital marketing services played a crucial role in helping our client overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. By utilising email marketing, PPC advertising, and website maintenance, we expanded their brand's reach and successfully reached a wider, international audience. This allowed them to maintain their East London design charm while establishing a strong presence in the competitive market of modern classic bags and accessories. The results underscore the profound impact of a well-crafted digital marketing strategy on brand growth and success in today's digital landscape.

Client Testimonial

"8th Dial have built an excellent team who are able to cover all aspects of website design, development and digital marketing"




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