Green Friday: Embracing Sustainability with our favourite Black Friday offers in 2023

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of consumerism, prompting a shift towards more sustainable and conscious shopping habits. 

This year, we noticed the traditional Black Friday frenzy had transformed into a more eco-friendly alternative with many brands opting for "Green Friday." Keep reading to discover the 5 that jumped out at us.

Stella McCartney:

The Luxury brand Stella McCartney is continuing its sustainable manufacturing practices and offering a repair service for its clothing during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We hope this service will continue.


One of our favourite start-up health brands, Moju, was raising 10k through a fun old-school arcade game. This was alongside a healthy 25% discount across all their products. 

Lucy & Yak:

A sustainable favourite, Lucy & Yak took a different approach to Black Friday this year, partnering with their amazing Flor Di Loto Foundation, their charity who provides life-changing education for girls living in the villages of Pushkar in Northwest India. 

They shunned the sitewide discount, instead donating half their profits to the foundation, alongside a limited edition collaboration with the girls in the Indian schools. 

black and white photo of young girls surrounded by a pink and green graphic with illustrations of a flower, a ruler and a pencil. The text says, "FIOR DI LOTO Doing Black Friday differently since 2018"

Pai Skincare:

Pai have continually done Black Friday differently, and this year was no different. The brand donated £1/$1/€1 from every order placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Mind, a charity close to the founders heart. The brand have now raised over £74,000 to this vital mental health charity. Now, that’s doing Black Friday for good!


This brand is consistently at the forefront of changing our shopping habits for the better, and helping the planet, with a big focus on climate change. 

They encouraged their customers to slow down and think about their clothes, encouraging them to learn how to repair their own clothes instead of buying new. 


Not a brand you would normally consider as a green brand, but this year Currys offered special deals on their Go Greener range of energy-efficient home appliances and waived their usual £30 pick up fee to recycle their customers old, unwanted electricals.

Passenger Clothing:

For the 7th year running, this clothing brand planted 5 trees and protected 1,000sqm of rainforest with every order placed. This is through the registered conservation charities Rainforest Trust and Trees for the Future. 

graphics that look like scout badges. the badges say, "145,285 trees planted" and "29,000,000SQM of rainforest protected". "2023". one badge is obscured but assumed to read "Green Friday"

If you are looking at ways to support charity or the environment, and give back through your online sales, get in touch with our team. We can help you implement donations and tree planting on Shopify websites, and help you to market your initiatives to your customers through digital marketing campaigns. 

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